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Quarantine Update

So, I’ve been working from home for almost 7 months now. During this time, I’ve had more quiet time to reflect than ever before. What does that mean for me? I discovered free psychology tests on One of them was the Myer-Briggs test. These are my results:

I’m a INFJ. Knowing that I’m not alone in my thoughts and there are others like me is comforting. These type seems to be rare and from what I’ve read, INFJ’s are a contradictory type. Finally, articles that say what I feel but can’t explain to others properly.

I is for introvert. Growing up, I often felt out of place in crowds yet social on a one-on-one basis. I like to be invited to parties and attend but I don’t enjoy staying for long. You’ll see me cleaning up small areas when no longer engaged in conversation. I prefer to observe and listen to other’s conversation because I’m processing the topic the whole time. Other times, I’ll be so engaged with one person that I take up almost the whole party time talking with them.

N is for nurturing. Being with paternal Grandma and mutually taking care of each other was a mostly enjoyable experience. I like feeling needed and nurturing others is a wonderful feeling. I’m good with kids, especially toddlers. 1 year olds are my favorite. Two years ago, I volunteered at my church’s 1-year-old class for about 6 years. I looked forwarded to volunteering every week. Watching each child develop from crawling to stumbling to running around was fascinating. It’s truly the only hour that I’m completely present. It’s a rare feeling and I hope to resume the feeling when I return to volunteering when the Kid’s ministry re-opens its doors.

F is for feeling. Picking up on nonverbal cues was an ability that wasn’t felt by those around me. After I shared my thoughts, there’s the typical, “Really?! I didn’t get that at all. Maybe, it’s just you…” I would feel awkward and weird for being so sensitive. If I’m close enough to the person, I’ll reach out one-on-one, share what I sensed and offered a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to during times of distress.

J is for judging. I love to plan and organize. Sometimes I get so stuck on planning that I end up not following through at all. This is one of the reason, I take so long to use my art supplies. I have acrylic paints, new paintbrushes, fabric spray paints, alcohol inks and Prismacolor pencils but all are neatly preserved and waiting to be used. There’s an innate fear of producing something ugly. In all honesty, isn’t it about the creative process and not so much the result. I have to start somewhere, right?

Thanks for reading up until this point! You’ve gotten to know a bit about me, now it’s my turn. What’s your Myers-Brigg type? Don’t know your type? Let’s find out by taking the test:! Until my next post, take care and stay safe…


This is the journey of exploring the curious mind behind @bonzcoloring... "Coloring with art supplies, music, and words in an effort to have a better understanding of all things in life." -BonzColoring

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