About Me

Welcome to BonzColoring!

My name is Bonnie and I’m a curious hobbyist. I play piano, watch TV, read and listen to books, and most recently coloring.

Coloring is the first art form I enjoyed as a kid. Adding color to a drawing felt like bringing life onto the page. As an adult, I resumed coloring in 2017. This website is a gallery and a blog of my creative adventures. 

I’m an accountant during the day and engaging my creative curiosities lets me “have my cake and eat it too!” I live with my husband and our Shih Tzu, Oreo (@oreo2008 on Instagram.)

Yes, I’m that pet owner who says phrases like fur-mama and fur-baby. I haven’t gotten a dog stroller yet we do have outfits, a pair of pink dog-gles (goggles), backpacks, pouches, bicycle baskets and a trailer. If you live near us, you may see her (cue the TLC song): “Hanging out the passenger side of [her] best friend’s ride, trying to bark at [you]”.

Hope you enjoy browsing through this website! I’d love to see your creations as I believe that everyone can be creative! Feel free to share your hobbies with me on social media.