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The Song of Names

The search for a lost loved one can seem like following an endless trail of breadcrumbs. What happens once we find them? Will faith be restored? Will truths be revealed?

Martin Simmonds, played by Tim Roth, searches for his brother, who disappeared on the night of a concert in 1951 in Warsaw. Martin’s father staked his entire life into adopting a young Polish violin virtuoso, Dovidl Rapoport, during World War II. We follow Martin as he hunts out Dovidl, played by Clive Owens, all throughout Europe. Then, to find that he was driving distance from Martin’s home.

The music in the film is mesmerizing. Listening to it and learning of its significance to this family makes it even more compelling. This movie is worth watching both for the history and music. Hope you enjoy!


This is the journey of exploring the curious mind behind @bonzcoloring... "Coloring with art supplies, music, and words in an effort to have a better understanding of all things in life." -BonzColoring

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