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Lonely vs Alone

Yes, I believe there is a difference. The plot of Palm Springs, a Hulu original movie, gives an interesting perspective on feelings of loneliness and being alone. Without giving too much away, it’s a wonderful movie that touches each viewer in a different way with potential to spark meaningful conversations. In case you need a movie to watch, I highly recommend this one. Hope you enjoy this movie and the experiences that may stem from it…

IMDB: Palm Springs

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Yellowstone: Season 1

If you had to confront your painful past to allow for a brighter future, would you? Would the answer change if the future involved not only yourself but the next generation, too?

These questions emerge when watching the first episode of the series, Yellowstone. Not only is the Dutton family history complicated, now they must face Native American Indians wanting to reclaim their land and developers wanting to buy the land.

It’ll be exciting to continuing watching this well casted and well written show to the end of the season 1.

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The First 10 Seconds of a Song

The current song playlist can track my mood. Within the first 10 seconds of any song, I’ll know if I’m in the mood for it. If I can listen until the chorus, I’ll like it. Does my mood influence my song preference or is it the opposite effect? Does the current song influence my mood? The power of music is such that it’s a common denominator between us all. Any barriers can be broken down with music notes +/- beats +/- lyrics. I love working while music is playing in the background. Focusing with classical to house to epic film scores to smooth jazz to acoustic pop, add another layer of lyrics versus instrumental: it all boils down to my mood at the moment.

What kind of music are you in the mood for right now? Which has more influence: your mood or your current song? What’s on your playlist right now?