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I came across this quote of the week on a newsletter:

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.” -Mark Twain

If actions were a plant, attitude would be its seed. My attitude and thoughts have seen happier days. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t take my physical health but it did steal my corporate job away. Was I alone in being laid off? No. Was it comforting to know that I’m not alone? Yes and no.

It’s tiring to be the mentally strong person in any given environment. It’s so much easier to move on to something else and process reality at a later date. But what if it all bubbles up to the surface at the most inappropriate moment in time and place? What then?

In sharing my own story and experiences, I’ve found it easier to cope with stress and anxiety. Luckily, I have family and friends who understands the crazy randomness that lives within my mind and loves me anyways.

Do you have a person or group that you share feelings with? If you ever need a safe place to vent your feelings, feel free to email me. I enjoy offering comfort and advice by engaging in conversation.

If you prefer no response, please use the subject line, “NO RESPONSE NEEDED” on your email. That way, I’ll know to mark the email as read and file it away.


This is the journey of exploring the curious mind behind @bonzcoloring... "Coloring with art supplies, music, and words in an effort to have a better understanding of all things in life." -BonzColoring

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