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Yellowstone: Season 1

If you had to confront your painful past to allow for a brighter future, would you? Would the answer change if the future involved not only yourself but the next generation, too?

These questions emerge when watching the first episode of the series, Yellowstone. Not only is the Dutton family history complicated, now they must face Native American Indians wanting to reclaim their land and developers wanting to buy the land.

It’ll be exciting to continuing watching this well casted and well written show to the end of the season 1.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether you are a mother to humans or animals (like me), I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

Although we’re sheltering in place for health/safety reasons and showing love from a physical distance, technology has allowed us to be connected in a virtual way. Hopefully the virtual communications and/or gift deliveries can simulate the love we hope to express to each other.

Personally, this has been the best Mother’s Day. As a highly sensitive, INFJ introvert, these unfortunate circumstances has given me an opportunity to reset, recharge and realize different things about myself. As a people pleaser, practicing self care is difficult for me: I don’t like to say “no”. I appreciate the invite, but I feel guilty declining and exhausted after accepting.

I know, this is a luxurious dilemma to have during this pandemic. Nonetheless, these thoughts do exist in me regardless of external events. Although challenging, I’m sure that God will present many opportunities to take care of myself in order to take care of others.

In the meantime, hope that you enjoy this Mother’s Day in whatever way that’s comfortable for you!

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K-cup pods

I’m working from home full time during this “quarantine”and drinking multiple cups of coffee a day. K-cup pods are piling up fast! At first, I was tossing them into the trash. Then, I thought, there has to be ways to repurpose these K-cup pods. With time on my hands with Google results, here’s what I’ve learned…

Used coffee grounds are beneficial to the garden soil. I don’t garden so I dried the grounds, put them in labeled packets and mailed them out to gardening friends along with some handmade glass magnets.

The coffee stained paper liners can be used for calligraphy.

The empty, plastic K-cup can hold water-thinned acrylic paints and dripped over canvas for fluid art.

Here’s some photos of the coffee grounds drying…

Drying out used coffee grounds in the sun on the balcony
K-cup pods: before and after
Paper used as the liner underneath the used coffee grounds on trays
Different sized paper liners
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The First 10 Seconds of a Song

The current song playlist can track my mood. Within the first 10 seconds of any song, I’ll know if I’m in the mood for it. If I can listen until the chorus, I’ll like it. Does my mood influence my song preference or is it the opposite effect? Does the current song influence my mood? The power of music is such that it’s a common denominator between us all. Any barriers can be broken down with music notes +/- beats +/- lyrics. I love working while music is playing in the background. Focusing with classical to house to epic film scores to smooth jazz to acoustic pop, add another layer of lyrics versus instrumental: it all boils down to my mood at the moment.

What kind of music are you in the mood for right now? Which has more influence: your mood or your current song? What’s on your playlist right now?

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I started this blog with the hopes of having a central location of all my finished pages. Coloring is a stress reliever for me in times of anxiety and in times of sitting in front of the TV watching all my beloved programmings. As life’s priorities rose higher on the totem pole of time, making time for coloring sunk lower and lower. Even setting reminders on my Google calendar did not work for me. The option to click “Later” was so convenient.

Pausing coloring has a side effect of idling content for this blog. Although idling, this blog is alive. I liken it to a car, idling in neutral at a stop light or engine warming up in the driveway on a cold morning before a short commute to work. In the meantime, I’ll post my thoughts at least once a month.

To all who are out there in these times, keep and develop maintain healthy habits while staying strong and remembering the words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt:

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

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I walk down a road, not remembering how I even got here. Where am I? Everything feels like a dream fading from my memory in the morning after I wake up. Nobody knows me but I’ve been here before. “When have I been here?” How come I know this place so well, yet cannot remember anything else? I walk into the flower district and into an empty flower shop. That’s strange, why is no one else here? As I wander around the shop, I see a business card holder on the cashier’s counter. My name was on the card. Do I own this shop? Who am I? I’ve got to go home and sort this out.

“Taxi!” “3510 Garden Avenue, please.”

As we make our way through the traffic, I realize that this is my parents’ hometown. I haven’t been here in years. Do I move back in with them?

I pay the driver and walk towards the front of the house. As I approach the front door, there’s a key lock box on it. This must be a mistake. Mom and Dad would never sell this house. It’s their first house, the home that holds our childhood memories. I peek into the front porch window and all the furniture is covered in white linen. The unlocked side gate allowed me enter the backyard and take a seat in the patio to gather my thoughts. As I close my eyes, a cool breeze blows across my face.

As soon as the breeze passes, the front door opens and a woman walks through the house into the kitchen. I turn around and peek into the kitchen sliding door. My breathing becomes short and and quick. I’m practically hyperventilating now. That woman is me but in a different dress. What is this?!

Our eyes lock and suddenly, flashbacks of last night flood into my mind. Empty pill bottles cover the carpet of the upstairs bedroom. I’m lying on the floor with a wine glass in my hand, mascara running down my cheeks.

Suddenly, I’m standing in the kitchen looking out at the backyard thinking I saw myself peeking through the sliding door, like an out-of-body experience.

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I organized and moved my previous posts to my Coloring Gallery by book. Click the menu above to check it out!

Life’s been a bit busy lately with deadlines at work and at university. I’m currently studying for a Bachelors in Accounting at #WGU while working full time in the finance department at a local corporate office.

As soon as the university program is complete (aiming for June 2020, YAY!!!), more time will free up for coloring and other art projects.

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My First Blog Post

Once something is in motion, things tend to stay in motion. The hardest thing is starting…

— Mel Robbins.

While learning how to blog and build a website, I realize that I have been procrastinating: waiting until everything is perfect, until I’m an expert, until this, until that…

After being inspired by Mel Robbins’ Youtube video, I’ve decided to publish this blog and import all the colorings from my Tumblr posts.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope it’ll inspire you to express your creativity a little bit everyday!