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K-cup pods

I’m working from home full time during this “quarantine”and drinking multiple cups of coffee a day. K-cup pods are piling up fast! At first, I was tossing them into the trash. Then, I thought, there has to be ways to repurpose these K-cup pods. With time on my hands with Google results, here’s what I’ve learned…

Used coffee grounds are beneficial to the garden soil. I don’t garden so I dried the grounds, put them in labeled packets and mailed them out to gardening friends along with some handmade glass magnets.

The coffee stained paper liners can be used for calligraphy.

The empty, plastic K-cup can hold water-thinned acrylic paints and dripped over canvas for fluid art.

Here’s some photos of the coffee grounds drying…

Drying out used coffee grounds in the sun on the balcony
K-cup pods: before and after
Paper used as the liner underneath the used coffee grounds on trays
Different sized paper liners